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Proton Stream Photoshop Guide
A guide to how I do the proton streams in Photoshop CS6.
Added: 11/2/12

Ghostbuster Uniform Leg Hose Connector Build Guide
How to build a removable leg hose connector that screws onto your Ghostbuster uniform.
Added: 5/7/12

Ecto Goggles Build Guide
A walkthrough of an Ecto Goggle build using hard plastic welding goggles.
Added: 6/26/09

Battle Damage Guide: Iron Man Unleashed
How to apply various battle damage to an action figure including blaster burns and bullet holes.
Added: 6/22/09

crusader_x's Master Customizing Guide
A comprehensive but incomplete guide to customizing tools and resources.
Updated: 6/30/08

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