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Customs & Customizing

Action Figure - Website community for action figure collectors & customizers
Good to Go Customs
Starship Modeler
Action Figure Times
Customizers' Underground - The MySpace of action figures - The Action Figure Authority [AFA] homepage - Toy News International

Customizer's Sites
Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys - Where playing becomes a hazard
Kyle Robinson Customs
Passion Designs
Iron-Cow Productions
Boskoes Toys
Apathy Ink
Shouldagotts - Custom figures, bases & accessories
Tri-gate Creations

Custom Webrings
C.A.S.E Files - Customizer's Auction Sales on Ebay
Custom Coalition

Tutorials & Guides
Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc. - Cast Your Own Blocks - Build Your Own Castles
Tutorials at Figure Realm

Comics Online - The MySpace of comics - Directory of online comics
Comic Book Resources
Comics Bulletin

Comic Forums - Forum for Marvel's Ultimate line & more
Comic Book Resources Forums Forums
Comics Bulletin Forums

Online Comics & Creator's Sites - MAW Productions
Muley the Mule - The online art studio of Steve Stanley
Andrew Chandler

Misc - See you in Metropolis in June!

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