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Custom Figure Comics
Autobot Tracks in
"Transformers 2 Auditions"
Ultimate Nick Fury in
"Avengers... Disassemble!"
Movie Incredible Hulk in
"The Hulk Goes Green"
Doctor Octopus in
"Broken Machine Thingie"

Live-action Comics
Interactive Superhero Battle
Our first interactive project is a 2 page experiment with rollover effects to convey action in a superhero fight scene. When you see a frame highlighted in white roll over it with your mouse to active it. Take a test drive and send us some feedback :

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--- Wallpapers ---
Breaker WallpaperBreaker Wallpaper
Volt WallpaperVolt Wallpaper
--- Cast & Crew ---
Jason RawleyBreaker
Jason Rawley
Ken PlantVolt
Kenneth Plant
Ari KellySentry Program
Ari Kelly
Josh LaddUpstairs Guard
Josh Ladd
David TroyerMultiple Guards / Chem Troopers
David Troyer
Tim MorrisseyMultiple Guards
Tim Morrissey
Photography [Night] - Grant Forehand
Photography [Indoor] - Jason Rawley / Kenneth Plant
Costumes & Props - Jason Rawley
Produced by - Kenneth Plant
Executive Producer - Jason Rawley
Written & Directed by - Jason Rawley
Special Recognition:
- Thank you to Jean and Oscar for our great locations!
- Thank you to Dawn Rawley and Dianna Troyer for being our wives and supporting us.
- Thank you to Grant Forehand for giving us his time and skills, it really paid off!
- Thank you to City of Clearwater for use of your public locations...
- Thank you to Clearwater Police for not shooting / arresting us...
- Thank you to whoever else I'm forgetting! Don't feel bad my memory is burned out...

*Please note: Star Wars is copyrighted by George Lucas so please don't sue us :D
Read the full comic here:
Here are the storyboards:
Here is the original script: WORD Format
Cast & Credits
Jedi Master Belac -
Caleb Bleattler
Jedi Master Indo -
Kenneth Plant
Sith Warrior -
Josh Ladd
Photography -
Jason Rawley
Props & FX -
Kenneth Plant & Jason Rawley
Costumes -
Dawn Rawley
Written by -
Jason Rawley
Produced by -
Kenneth Plant & Jason Rawley
Directed by -
Jason Rawley
Special Thanks to : Dawn Rawley & The Park Rangers of Bonner Park

Previous Projects >>
Here are some of our humble beginnings:

Our second test layout! and here's the storyboard for comparison.
This was shot in about 15 minutes in Bonner Park with Caleb and Ken providing the er, uh, acting? Sorry guys, we know you're both trying.

And here are some test shots :
Ken as a Jedi -- Ken as a Jedi with a drawn effect -- Ken pulls a Goku -- Ken blasts off -- I get shot -- Ken gives me the 'ol psychic blast -- Ken blown up -- Me punching Ken in the grill

Here is the first layout test which I shot at our old Keichu Do dojo with Sensei Chris Neumann chopping me in half.
Oops, I spoiled the ending :D

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