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Updated February 22nd, 2016

Updated February 22nd, 2016
Nearly Complete
  • Sci-Fi Blaster Revolver
  • Demon Knight Key Replica
  • Petite-sized Proton Pack

In Progress
  • Sci-fi Aciton Figure Bases
  • Giga Meter Commission
  • RGB PKE Meter Commissions

On The Workbench
  • Mini PKE Meter
  • Shuttle Tydirium Scale Model
April 10th 2015
Site tweaked and updated with buttons and icons for all things Fireblade Comics related.

September 10th 2012
New layout to the site as well as a new page for ordering commissions. Also to the left you will see a section for me to update what projects I have coming up and how close to completetion they are.

The commissions section is a rough outline right now as I work out the long form of how to place an order for a custom or prop.

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