Steampunk Sniper Rifle Redux

My Steampunk Sniper Rifle has returned.
See the original prop here: Steampunk Sniper Rifle
It had been sold and shipped, but unfortunately it was broken in the mail and so it was returned. I inspected the damage and determined that it was repairable but shelved the project for a while in order to give my skills time to grow. Well I finally pulled it out and decided it was time to give this guy an update with his repair. The break happened at the point where the barrel meets the main body, so I took time to repair it completely and reinforce it with putty that I made look like welding. Now the rifle is stronger than ever, but I didn't stop there. I removed the copper coil along the barrel extension and replaced it with tightly wound gold coil which I think looks much better. I took apart and completely rebuilt the scope which is now also "welded" on and sports new lenses that are miles above the previous version. A second loop was added for the gold rod along the top to help hold it in place better. And lastly, I decided to weather the rifle to make it look abused as opposed to its clean and shiny original paint job. A new coat of acrylic sealant was sprayed on to protect the new weathering. The lights and sounds still work great and this prop has gained new life.