Steampunk Sniper Rifle

Here is my version of a Steampunked Sniper Rifle, complete with removable barrel, scope with crosshairs, lights, and firing sound effects! Two ultra bright LEDs are mounted on either side of the main body of the rifle and run off the same 2 AAA batteries that the sound FX run on. The switch for the lights is on the grip just above where your thumb sits making it fast and easy to turn the lights on and off. You can see through the scope which has crosshairs (and I realize they don't show up very well in the photo I took but it was hard to shoot through the scope with my camera). The extended barrel screws on to turn the rifle into a sniper rifle and measures 32 inches with the barrel attached. The main body of the gun has had extra weight added on the inside giving it very good heft. Add to that a large number of the parts used are actual metal, including a brass rod, copper wiring, copper connectors, metal gears, aluminum steam vents, etc.

Paints Used:
- Krylon Fusion Nickel Shimmer
- Krylon Fusion Hammered Silver
- Krylon Fusion Hammered Copper
- Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver
- Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold
- Folkart Acrylic Metallic Antique Copper

The main gun was basecoated with Nickel Shimmer as well as the extended barrel. Brilliant Gold was then used for most of the gun body. Hammered Copper was used for the copper pipes with some Antique Copper used to shade every other section of pipe a bit darker. Hammered silver was used on the scope ends. The rifle barrel (not the extended barrel) and main body were painted with Brillaint Silver which was also used for the cosmetic plating.