At last, a custom version of Wreckage the deluxe Transformers movie figure! He has been given a military paint scheme with some dry-rub decal numbers. Also, his mounted gun has been drilled to give it a barrel. In robot form he is an oil stained metal with some steel highlighting and comes with his energy blades, a custom made rifle, mini Allspark, and original packaging with instructions.

Paints used:
- Testors Model Master Acryl Flat Black
- Testors Model Master Acryl Dark Green
- Testors Model Master Acryl Steel
- Testors Model Master Acryl Guards Red
- Tamiya Acrylic Metallic Gray
- Tamiya Acrylic Chrome Silver
- Tamiya Acrylic Clear Red
- Testors Acryl Camo Green
- Games Workshop Catachan Green

Wreckage in vehicle mode was first basecoated in black then drybrushed in Dark Green. In robot mode he was basecoated in Metallic Gray, washed in black, then some sections drybrushed Camo Green. Highlights were added with Steel and Chrome Silver. His eyes are Guards Red, his wheel rims are Catachan Green, the tires themselves Black of course. His blade handles are drybrushed Chrome Silver while the blades themselves are solid Chrome with Clear Red washed over them. His gun is Black with Steel hightlighting. And finally, the mini Allspark is washed in black, drybrushed Chrome, and lightly highlighted with Metallic Blue and Copper. Whew!

This is the photo set from the ebay auction comic: