This is a custom action figure of the original character Turra as created by Martheus Wade and appearing in his series Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa (http://toshigawa.com/). Since Martheus had a Marvel Legends scale custom of his character Jetta, I told him I would make him one for Turra. The base figure is a Marvel Legends Mystique with the hair cut away and resculpted and an ear contributed from a Superman Returns Lex Luthor figure. The guns came from generic G.I. Joe figures from Toys R Us.
Since I knew Martheus would end up with two figures I decided I'd make him a nice base to pose them together on. The base was created from MDF and PVC pieces. I wanted this alley scene to have some torn posters so I grabbed some of the Harvey Dent campaign posters from The Dark Knight as well as the Uncle Sam "I want you for U.S. Army" posters and shrunk them in Photoshop. The shell casings are glass beads and had to be glued and painted on individually. The base features two foot pegs painted like the shell casings so you can pose Turra and/or Jetta together or by themselves.

Spider-woman helps model the spot for the Jetta figure

Turra reference pics