Ghost Sniffer

After getting several requests from people who wanted to see what I would do to update the "Ghost Sniffer" I decided it was about time to tackle this project. The Sniffer as seen in the first Ghostbusters is actually a Bacharach air testing device and since finding these are difficult I decided to try something different for the main body: a large toner cartridge. The wand is from a medical suction device (never used) and an old TV antenna. The bulb is from a blood pressure cuff and the shoulder strap is from a Panasonic VHS camera. There is one static blue LED, a color changing LED next to it, two red LEDs at the bottom, and a bright white LED at the end of the wand. The end result is lightweight, fun to use, and fits is perfectly with our other gear.

Dr. Brown demonstrates proper Sniffer useage

Dr. Fitzpatrick shows us how strong the lights are inside