Slime Launcher

The Slime Launcher is a condensed version of the Slime Blower and belongs to the focused-fire group of Ghostbuster technology. Able to track and coat an entity with postively charged slime, the launcher enables the user to stay mobile and time their shots for maximum efficiency. The slime tank is easily exchanged for another round of psychomagnatheric plasm or can be adapted to fire foam in the event you misplace your fire extinguisher.

Another new addition to my line of custom Ghostbuster props, the Slime Launcher was designed for the person putting together a Ghostbusters costume who couldn't afford a proton pack but still wanted to carry a "weapon". Weathering has been done to make the launcher look used and abused. The launcher features a row of 3 blue LEDs and a big green LED as well as a color changing LED that all run off of 2 AAA batteries. Running along the top is a clear green "slime hose" that can be pulled free from either end in case it gets snagged or if you want to change the hosing out with your own. Cosmetic split loom that fits over the slime line turns the launcer into a flame thrower or fire extinguisher.

With costmetic split loom attached:

Shots taken at dusk to highlight the strength of the lights: