Ghostbusters Slime Cannon

This is my custom designed Slime Cannon, a modernized version of the Slime Blower from Ghostbusters 2, and took roughly 3 months to build mostly from scratch. It is not canon (bad pun I know) but fits the Ghostbusters look very well. It is very lightweight, less than a proton pack by probably 5 lbs, and runs off an external rechargeable DVD battery that lasts more than a day of constant use and at night I just plug it into the wall. There are two switches on the cannon's handle, one controls the lights on the back console and the other controls both the headlamps on the air tanks and the green light on the cannon itself.

Each component is designed to be indivdually removable and accessible for maintenance. The labels are mostly custom designs in photoshop and professionally printed on vinyl. The Slime Aggitation Chamber on the back features green slime that flows and froths as well as an adjustable Slime Line that wraps the black hosing leading to the cannon. The black hosing connects to a pivoting adaptor so it moves around easily. The cannon sports a shoulder strap allowing the user to go "hands free" when needed. And the silver hosing coming from the left side screws into the bottom of the cannon for easy removal. Most of the hosing and wiring is designed to "pull free" when snagged to avoid damage. The headlamps are posable and the buttons and dials on the console push/turn as well.

This is just the first of many equipment upgrades the Tampa Bay Ghostbusters are adding to their arsenal. The Slime Cannon was put right to work and has already survived several intense battles!

Paints used:
- ColorPlace Flat Black
- ColorPlace Gloss Black
- Krylon Original Chrome
- Krylon Gloss Banner Red
- Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver
- Tamiya Acrylic Clear Red

The construction and painting of this thing is too extensive to list in detail. The main pump is Flat Black as well as the console. The air tanks and cannon are Brilliant Silver, while certain smaller parts are Original Chrome sprayed over a coat of Gloss Black. The slime tanks are Gloss Black. The red stripes on the air tanks are Clear Red over the Silver, while the red boxes on the bottom are Gloss Banner Red. The gloss parts received coats of Future to seal them while the matte parts received a Flat Acrylic sealer. Weathering was done with silver drybrushed on and ground up chalk pastels dusted on.