Ash's Boomstick

"Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up. See this? This... is my BOOMSTICK!"
My friend Patrick has an Ash costume he designed and wears sometimes to cons, and even though he already has a shotgun for his ensemble, I thought I'd make him a custom piece that would look more real. And with what better toy to use than the one Wal-mart carries that features sound and ejecting shotgun shells with smoke. The only thing this toy was missing was to have its labels dremeled off, screwholes filled, and a new paintjob.
"That's right, shop smart... shop S-Mart... ya got that?!"

Paints used:
- Testors Flat Dark Tan
- Testors Model Master Leather
- Testors Model Master Acryl Panzer Schokladnbraun R
- Tamiya Acrylic Gunmetal
- Gamesworkshop Citadel Mithril Silver
- Krylon Fusion Satin Black

The entire gun was given Satin Black as a basecoat. The barrel and body were painted Gunmetal, while the body was then weathered in Mithril Silver. The wooden grip and stock were given a coat of Panzer Schokladnbraun, drybrushed Leather, then drybrushed again with Dark Tan. Why did I use such a weird combination of browns? Well, because I didn't have any wood colors and I was trying something new to experiment, ok? Leave me alone.