Nerf Scout Pistol

My first attempt at a Nerf Scout dart pistol, designed with a sci-fi / cyberpunk theme in mind. I did do some modification to the internals, removing the air restrictor and sealing the barrel to improve air flow. A block of 1/2 inch MDF was added behind the spring to improve compression. Also I found that the Scout tended to have its trigger stick almost every time it was fired and had to be wiggled to get it loose again. I'm not sure if this is true of all Scouts or just this one, but I modified the barrel release that the trigger pushes against giving it more body so that the trigger had less room to get jammed inside. This seemed to lessen the trigger jam quite a bit. All moving internal parts were lubricated with Jig-A-Loo as well.

Paints Used:
- Krylon Fusion Flat Black
- Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome
- Tamiya Acrylic Flat Black
- Createx Pearl Silver
- Folkart Acrylic Metallic Silver Sterling

The Scout was first basecoated in Krylon Flat Black. The trigger and barrel were painted with Spaz Stix's Ultimate Mirror Chrome while the top slide was airbrushed with Pearl Silver which I love for its blue-ish aluminum look that contrasts nicely with the chrome silver. The rest of the body was drybrushed with some Metallic Silver Sterling to bring out the details. Tamiya Flat Black was used for touch-ups and for the airbrushed shading and burn mark effects.