After creating a Real Ghostbusters style vs. Movie style PKE meter for Patrick, I decided to try my hand again with some improvements. The result is a great combination of the two styles to create a prop that is easily recognized as inspired by the cartoon series, but feels "real". The body is an electronics project box with PVC for a handle. The box unscrews at the back which makes changing the batteries very easy. The knobs on the front and side turn. The antenna arms move 180 degrees from a folded position to all different "scanning" positions in between. The ends of the antennas feature multiple color strobing/flashing LEDs, the transparent blue screen is backlit by two bright LEDs, and finally, there are also 3 green lights under the screen. I modified a leather tape measure holder to use as a holster for it on my belt. This PKE has already seen quite a few battles and survived. However, the antenna mount had to be fixed and is now reinforced with JB Kwik Weld. The original viewer cover was destroyed and had to be remade from scratch, but is now much bigger and better.

Paints used:
- Krylon Fusion Flat Black
- Krylon Brilliant Silver
- Tamiya Clear Red
- Tamiya Clear Blue

The PKE body is Ultra Flat Black, with some Brilliant Silver for the knobs. Clear Red was used on the antenna arms and Clear Blue for the viewscreen.