Proton Rifle ver3

While my previous two versions of the Proton Rifle were built up from Nerf guns, for the 3rd version I wanted to build one from scratch using conduit boxes and PVC and whatever I had around the workshop. For the design, I wanted to take most of the body and elements of the proton gun and then imagine the pack parts were shrunk down and set in the middle of the rifle. It took a while to decide what identifiable pieces from the pack I would keep, what size to reduce them to, and what pieces to ditch or reimagine. It was hard to keep this thing from going out of control at times and becoming too large, too heavy, or just too bulky looking. In the end I am quite pleased with the result and think it captures most of the best aspects of the pack and gun put together in one mean rifle.

There are 3 toggle switches on the rear control panel that operate 3 groups of lights:
One toggle turns on the vent lights along with a white flashing LED on the gun body.
One toggle turns on the blue power cell lights and on the other side the red cyclotron lights which chase in a circle.
The last toggle turns on the red hat light at the front of the gun along with a red light on the back slanted control box.
Pressing the front red trigger button lights a blue LED inside the barrel.
All of the lights run off of 2 AA batteries.
The green lever in the back does move up and down, but does not extend the barrel. However, the barrel can be moved manually to extend it or push it back inside the handle.
The silver knobs on the back both turn. The decals are designed in Photoshop and printed on quality vinyl.

Youtube video demonstrating the lights: