Proton Pistol ver2

My second version of the Proton Pistol, created from a Nerf Maverick. It sports a slime injection tube mounted to the accessory rail, a rebuilt cylinder, a new barrel with trigger tip (like the end of the proton pack's particle thrower), and lights. On the left hand side are 3 green LEDS and on the right 2 green LEDs with a color changing LED that cycles between red-blue-green. All of the LEDs run off of 2 AAA batteries which are located in an enclosure below the cylinder. Although the gun no longer fires darts the trigger pull still rotates the cylinder. Both control knobs on the back left can be turned and a ring on the back allows the gun to clip to the same key fob the proton pack's thrower hangs from on your belt. The labels are custom designed in Photoshop and printed on quality vinyl.