Proton Pistol

Finally, the Ghostbuster arsenal has a sidearm, the short-range recoil-free proton accelerator pistol. Made from a Nerf Maverick, the proton pistol is more than just a repaint. It sports a slime injection tube mounted to the accessory rail, an "open" cylinder, a new barrel, and lights. Two blue LEDs light up on either side of the cylinder and a color changing LED sits behind the cylinder on the right-hand side. All of the LEDs run off of 2 AAA batteries which are located below the cylinder. Although the gun no longer fires darts (and it was broken anyway) the trigger pull still rotates the cylinder. Inside the cylinder there is a central clear tube surrounded by a mesh of wiring giving the gun more of an "internals exposed" feeling. A ring on the back allows the gun to clip to the same key fob the proton pack's thrower hangs from.