Proton Pack

My very first proton pack, the ghost-catching device made famous in the movie Ghostbusters. I had ordered a fiberglass shell on Ebay, but when it didn't arrive after several weeks I was forced to make one from scratch in order to have a pack for all the events we (The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters) had planned in October. Since I had a time crunch and I knew I would be updating to a better pack later, I "rushed" through the project in 1 week, constantly balancing time, quality, and accuracy. I did get some help from fellow Tampa GBs. Griff built the gun body and provided some good parts while Patrick let me keep his pack for a few days as a "live" reference tool. I followed 3 different sets of plans from online as well as studying photos of other packs in addition to movie screenshots. The result is not as movie accurate as possible but I was quite happy with it. Most of the resin parts were ordered from Multimedia Mayhem and the pack lights are an Exoray kit that Griff gave me. I designed lights for the gun that work to satisfaction but can be exchanged for a better set later. The labels are from and are printed on sticker paper. Over all the pack weighed about 30-35lbs. It served me well for most of October until my shell arrived and I transferred all my parts over to create a new pack. This one will eventually be refurbished and completed with new parts.

Paints used:
- Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver
- Krylon Ultra Flat Black
- Tamiya Acrylic Chrome Silver

The entire pack and gun is painted Ultra Flat Black, with some Brilliant Silver for some metal parts and Chrome Silver for weathering.