Protoform Starscream

Here is Starscream in his Protoform, one of the first figures from the Transformers 2007 Movie that I decided to repaint and customize. His hands were removed and reattached with Rare Earth Magnets. A mechanical pencil supplied the cylinder of his cannon / missile launcher while the missiles themselves are from a chinese dollar store toy. The interchangable claw hands are from a Doctor Octopus from the Spider-man 3 Movie toy line.

Starscream was first base coated in Tamiya Acrylic Flat Aluminum with several sections painted Tamiya Acrylic Metallic Gray to look darker. A wash was then done with Testors Model Masters Acyrl Flat Black. Tamiya Acrylic Clear Red was used over the aluminum for detailing. A second wash with black was done further darkening the cracks and giving him a dirty look. Drybrushing was last with aluminum to make large sections less dirty than smaller ones. His gun, missile launcher, and claws were given the same treatment. The missiles were painted Testors Model Masters Acyrl White and Red for detailing.

This is the photo set from the ebay auction comic: