PKE Meter ver9

PKE Meter version 9 continues with my medium-sized build but with a set of chasing lights this time. On the right is a scanning antenna that lights up a bright orange while on the left a series of 6 red LEDs chase forward in one direction. The viewscreen is lit by a color changing LED that strobes and flashes red-blue-purple. The lights run off of 2 AAA batteries that are easily changing by unscrewing the panel on the back. It was hard to capture the chasing lights in pictures since they move so fast so refer to the video at the bottom.
The knob on the left side turns. A clip on the back attaches the PKE to your belt. Weathering has been done to make the scanner look used and abused. The decals are custom designed in Photoshop and printed on quality vinyl.

Youtube video of the lights in action: