Maverick ver 2

My second attempt at customizing and modifing a Nerf Maverick and I used every modification tutorial I could find online. I also opted for another subdued paint scheme using flat black and chrome.

Modifications done:
- Air restrictors removed
- Dart pegs removed so gun can fire custom-made darts
- Combined two different mods - Dragonteuthis' Maverick Mod: The Foaminator 3000 and Baghead's Maverick Mod as seen here: and here: ... basically I used the Fomainator 3000 mod but resealed the gap between the barrel and the air restrictor rings with hot glue.
- Relubed all internal parts with Jig-A-Loo (that's a real lubricant from Home Depot folks I'm not making this up)
- Resurfaced internal light barrel on tactical light with reflective aluminum tape to increase brightness
- Nerf logos removed from the gun and extra styrene panels added to front and under the barrel for cosmetic enhancement
- And finally, the famous "Russian Roulette" mod which lets the barrel of the gun drop out completely which you can spin and flip back into place all Dirty-Harry-like (I don't know if Dirty Harry ever did that but it sounds cool, ok?)

Paints used:
- Tamiya Flat Black
- Tamiya Chrome Silver
- Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome (spray)

First a basecoat of Flat Black airbrushed on, then the entire gun was sealed with Future. Next the barrel, slide, and various other pieces were layered with Mirror Chrome. Finally, the remaining black areas were drybrushed Chrome Silver for maximum detail.