Nerf Maverick

Everytime I go to the toy aisles I pass by the Nerf section, so I've been seeing what great guns Nerf has out for a long time. Finally, after visualizing all the different styles each gun could be painted in, I knew I had to get one. So I present my first Nerf custom, which promises to be the first of many, especially for this gun... the Maverick! It's awesome, much better than the Nerf guns I remember more than a decade ago. It's even been modified too, so that the cylinder falls all the way out, which makes for a ridiculously cool effect when you spin it and snap it back in place. Also, each screw-hole has been filled in.

Paints used:
- Testors Model Master Acryl Flat Black
- Createx Pearl Silver
- FolkArt Metallic Silver Sterling

First a basecoat of Black, then layers of Pearl Silver was airbrushed on the main body while the handle and cylinder were left black. Silver Sterling was then drybrushed over the cylinder and used to detail the handle. Finally, black was airbrushed on sections to give shadow and a cool "burn" effect from continuous blasting.