Iron Man Unleashed

The Unleashed version of Iron Man is really cool, but what's the only way to make it better? Battle damage! I used several new customizing techniques (not new to customizers but new for me) in order to give Iron Man the beating of his life and the results look great! You can see where 'Ol Shellhead has taken several rounds from artillery and small arms and his armor looks ground down. I also repainted the base and repulsor blasts.

Paints Used:
- Krylon Chrome Aluminum
- Testors Model Master Acrylic Stop Light Red
- Tamiya Acrylic Gold Leaf
- Gamesworkshop Citdal Ice Blue
- Gamesworkshop Citdal Enchanted Blue
- Gamesworkshop Citdal Fiery Orange
- Gamesworkshop Citdal Blazing Orange
- Gamesworkshop Citdal Blood Red

Iron Man was first basecoated in Chrome Aluminum then airbrushed Stop Light Red and Gold Leaf for the different sections. Next, 400 grit sandpaper was used to carefully scuff down the top coat and reveal the silver beneath giving him exceptional "real" weathering. Ice Blue and Enchanted Blue were faded to white for the eyes and repulsor blasts. The oranges and red were faded together with the airbrush for the fire blast on the base. The base itself is many layers of grays faded together for the ground and smoke. And lastly, both the base and figure were brushed with ground Black charcoal for dirt and detailing.