Giga Meter ver3

I wanted to take the design of the Giga Meter and spin it into something more streamlined and modern, so I set to work looking for something that would make a sleeker looking body without making the meter look factory produced. After I stumbled upon something that seemed perfect I started to conceptualize how the Giga Meter might change over the years and decided I wanted to blend in some features from my PKE Meter designs as well as if the two technologies were merging. The result is my 3rd version of the Giga Meter, almost so far from the original that I considered calling it something else. The design looks lopsided at first but it is actually well balanced and easy to hold.

The toggle switch on the body controls the main lights: two red LEDs light up in the ends of the scanning arms and a color changing LED lights behind the viewscreen. The trigger on the handle activates the spinning lights in the dome at the front of the meter. All of the lights run off of 3 AAA batteries. The decals are designed in Photoshop and printed on quality vinyl.

Dr. Brown demonstrates proper Giga Meter usage:

Youtube video: