Giga Meter ver2

My second attempt at the Giga Meter from Ghostbusters 2 turned out very well if I do say so. The green lights in the antennas strobe with the color changing LED behind the main viewscreen. The clear dome has lights that spin when the button on the handle is pressed. All of the electronics run off of 3 AAA batteries installed in the main body. This thing weighs a lot less than it looks like. The labels were designed in Photoshop and printed on quality vinyl.

Paints used:
- Krylon Primer
- Krylon Flat Black
- Krylon Chrome Aluminum
- Tamiya Acrylic Chrome Silver

First everything was primed and then a coat of Flat Black. The antennas are Chrome Aluminum. Chrome Silver was then used for weathering and artist's chaulk brushed into the corners.