Frenzy Version 3

Due to a number of requests for another Frenzy, I introduce the 6inch Robot Replica Frenzy version 3! But this isn't just a duplicate, I decided to do a different combination of metals to get just the right, bright chrome finish to him. I really took my time here, trying to get the most detail I could out of the figure with carefuly highlighting and blacklining. The only real modification done here was to cut that web between his "eyelashes" as you'll see in the closeup. He's fully poseable but does not transform as the Robot Replica series of figures do not. Of course I had to compliment him with yet another version of mini Allspark and Allspark base.

Paints used:
- Testors Model Master Acryl Gunmetal
- Testors Model Master Acryl Ford Engine Blue
- Testors Model Master Acryl Flat White
- Games Workshop Citadel Boltgun Metal
- Games Workshop Citadel Mithril Silver
- Tamiya Acrylic Clear Blue

Frenzy was first basecoated with Gunmetal, then drybrushed Boltgun Metal. Highlighting was done with Mithril Silver, which really makes a slight but noticeable difference in contrast (in the last verison I used Chainmail). His eyes are first Ford Engine Blue circles, then Flat White smaller circles inside those and then that is covered with Clear Blue for the right effect. His machine gun arm was given the same treatment. The mini Allspark was done the same for the most part, I think I used some Aluminum on that for variation. But the Allspark base has about every single type of metal I have, too many to list here, including some Copper and Metallic Blue for that oily, rusty feel.

This is the photo set from the ebay auction comic: