Extreme Ghostbusters
PKE Meter ver 3

My third incarnation of the Extreme Ghostbusters style PKE Meter combines the design of the PKE from the cartoon show with a real-world, military look and weathering! It also sports 6 different LEDs that run off 4 AA batteries. There are two yellow lights at the ends of the scanning antenna that blink in sequence with the color changing LED behind the viewscreen. The front console has 3 small LEDs in a row running yellow-orange-red. All the knobs turn and the back has a clip to attach it to your belt. The rear panel unscrews to change the batteries easily. Most of the graphics were custom designed in Photoshop and printed on vinyl.

Paints used:
- Krylon Fusion Flat Black
- Krylon Chrome Aluminum
- Tamiya Acrylic Clear Orange
- Tamiya Acrylic Chrome Silver

First a basecoat of Flat Black, then Chrome Aluminum for the scanning antenna and silver knob. Clear Orange was airbrushed over vinyl tubing for the ends of the antenna. Chrome Silver was drybrushed on for a worn metal look.

Youtube video demonstrating lighting FX: