Extreme Ghostbusters PKE Meter

My RGB style PKE Meter got so much positive feedback from prop builders and Ghostbuster fans alike that I decided to try applying the same style to the Extreme Ghostbusters PKE design. As you can see the final product combines the best elements of my RGB PKE and the Movie version while staying true to the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon's shape. The antennas have the same multiple color flashing LEDs I used on previous PKEs and the translucent red viewscreen lights up. Several decals for the proton pack and gun as well as the trap are reused here. However, I decided not to go wild with the labels like I did on the RGB version. The lights run off of 4 AA batteries that are accessed by unscrewing the back plating of the PKE body. Right now I have no good way to carry this thing, so I am deciding on whether to add a belt clip to the back or a leather holster. I will update with more pics when I do further modifications.

Paints used:
- Krylon Fusion Flat Black
- Krylon Brilliant Silver
- Tamiya Clear Red
- Folkart Metallic Silver Sterling

The PKE body is Flat Black, while the knobs and atenna bases are Brilliant Silver. Clear Red was used on the antenna arms and the viewscreen.