Ecto Goggles ver4

Here's my 4th version of Ghostbuster Ecto Goggles, featuring a military flat black paint job and 3 bright color changing LEDs! The lights change from red to green to blue to purple to yellow and so on. Eventually, they start to get out of synch and flow colors from left to right, to give you an awesome specter-scanning effect. Weathering was done to make them look worn in and scuffed. Foam weather striping was added to the rims to make them more comfortable to wear. The elastic straps are adjustable. You can actually see out of the lenses and inside they feature decals to represent the HUD from the movie. The lighting system is powered by a 9volt battery that is included and straps to the inside with velcro for easy removal and replacement. But with the small amount of power the LEDs draw, the battery will last for a very long time. Decal stickers were added for that extra effect.

Paints used:
- Tamiya Acrylic Flat Black
- Krylon Fusion Satin Black
- Folk Art Acrylic Metallic Silver Sterling
- Testors Model Master Acryl Aluminum

First a basecoat of Krylon Black then Flat Black airbrushed over that, giving it a smooth, military look. Weathering was done with Silver Sterling. The end of the left lense was painted Aluminum.

Youtube Video demonstrating color change effect: