Ecto Goggles ver19

This was a commissioned pair based off of version 18 with some subtle changes. I like the knobs on this one better, and the blue lights. Also the labels are a change of pace; instead of using vinyl graphics I printed these labels on a high quality laser jet and then coated them with a sheet of clear shelf liner and sprayed on an adhesive backing. Works pretty good :D

Paints used:
- Krylon Fusion Satin Black
- Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric Dye Flat Black
- Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver
- Tamiya Acrylic Chrome Silver
- Tamiya Acrylic Flat Black

First a basecoat of Vinyl Dye Flat Black for the frames and Satin Black for the lenses. The lenses were then airbrushed Flat Black and sealed with an Acrylic Sealer. The end of the right lense and the bottom knob were painted with Original Chrome. Chrome Silver was drybrushed on for weathering. Artist's chaulk was then brushed into the corners.