The ECTO-1X began as a concept in 2008 when I first began noticing the Chevy HHR out on the roads. My intention up to that point was to develop a PT Cruiser into an Ectomobile, however the HHR quickly changed my mind. I spent many months planning the construciton of the roof rack, the application of decals, the type of lightbar to buy, etc. Several people had a hand in its construction and I would like to thank them:

Ken Plant & Dawn Rawley (Suncoast Ghostbusters)
David Anderson
Randy Cooper
Robert Righter
Tyler Hundt
Jennifer & Casey & Javon (at Fedex Office)

The car is a 2008 Chevy HHR in Summit White. The roof rack is made out of PVC with a plywood base. Each piece of equipment on the top is hollowed and secured seperately so that I can remove them independent from each other for repairs / modification / replacement. The different components consist of:

PC case
Fax / Copier
Toilet paper dispenser
Hand sanitation dispenser

The "sniffer" / "binocs" and the radome and its stand are created from PVC. The directional antenna is created from CPVC for the arrow and a clear serving bowl cut in half and bolted to a base of lexan. The sniffer pivots at both the base and the neck. The directional antenna also pivots freely. The knobs on the side of the PC case turn as well. And the storage tube on the passenger side actually opens from either end so you can, well, store stuff. The entire rack is held on with a ratcheting luggage strap that passes through two steel eyelets on the sides, under the plywood base, and through the passenger doors. The lightbar consists of amber LEDs that plug into the cigarette lighter, have 30 different flash patterns, and mounts to the roof with 4 magnets.

Updated February 2010:
- Added white tank with red/white caution stripe to rear of roof rack
- Changed caution striping on doors
- Added amber reflectors to front bumper
- Added red reflectors to rear bumper
- Added cosmetic plating to VCR on roof rack
- Replaced plywood base of roof rack with plastic base