Deca Meter

Having already attempted a custom version of the Giga Meter from Ghostbusters 2, I already had a plan on how to create another and make it more user-friendly. The result is a small and easier to wield version I have dubbed the "Deca Meter". It features green LEDs in the scanning antennas and a color-changing LED behind the main viewscreen that are controlled by the red switch on the body. The clear dome on the bottom lights and spins when the trigger on the handle is pressed. Seperating the function of the dome from the other lights means you can turn on the main lights, which drain very little power, and only "fire" the dome when needed which takes a little more power and will drain the batteries slightly faster. All of the electronics run off of 3 AAA batteries that come installed and are accessed by unscrewing the casing on the bottom. The custom decals were designed in Photoshop and printed on vinyl. An awesome accessory to add to any Ghostbusters uniform!

Paints used:

- Krylon Fusion Satin Black
- Tamiya Acrylic Flat Black
- Tamiya Acrylic Flat Aluminum
- Createx Pearl Silver

First a basecoat of Satin Black, then Flat Black airbrushed over that to give it a more military style feel. Pearl silver was airbrushed on the scanning antennas and the spinner inside the clear dome. Flat Aluminum was then drybrushed on for weathering.

Youtube video demonstration of the lights: