AT-ST Scout Walker

Ah, AMT/ERTL's Snapfast AT-ST Walker kit is definately not the best kit around, but it's a good one for beginner's or for a fast build to practice on. I built this one years ago, and it seems everytime I learn a new modelling technique I pull it out and apply it to this piece. Hence, I no longer remember what the original coat of paint was or what all has been done to it over the course of its years of service to the Empire.

I can tell you what I remember about it...
I'm pretty sure I painted it a metallic first, then a dark gray back when I primarily used enamels. A lighter gray was drybrushed over it starting from the top and working down. But as I worked down I did the drybrushing less and less to simulate that the bottom of the Walker was darker and dirtier.
Sometime after that I pulled it out and gave it another drybrushing with Testors Acrylic Light Ghost Gray using the same "brush heavy at the top and lighter toward the bottom" technique, probably trying to see how well acrylics would blend with enamels.

Finally, I pulled the model out recently and decided to create a guard rail around the top hatch from wire and attempt to fill some seams. I filled about as well as I could without wanting to put any more time into this piece. I then did some touchups with the same Ghost Gray as before and added some oil wash to simulate grime and oil streaking. I'm sure the next time I want to practice a new technique I will be pulling this guy out again...

Paints Used:
- Testors Acryl Light Ghost Gray
- Unknown Medium Gray
- Unknown Dark Gray