Arm Cannon

The arm cannon came about by inspiration as I wander through the PVC department of the home improvement stores I frequent and tried sticking my hands in various sized pipes and couplings. Realizing that I could craft a Mega Man / Samus Aran styled cannon out of the various parts I decided that I would attempt to do just that and thus the Arm Cannon came about. Since I had no real reference to work from the cannon does not owe itself to any given theme, so I conditioned it toward a Ghostbuster styling since that is the type of gear I'm usually creating as of late.

Inside the cannon is a round handle to grasp with a firing button for the index finger. When the switch on the side box is thrown, 2 red LEDs light up on the left hand side, while a red LED lights up on the box itself. And once the lights are on, the firing button will light up 4 LEDs behind the front red barrel cover. All of the lights run off of 2 AAA batteries that are located under the main body of the cannon. Foam padding has been lined around the rim and is just wide enough to fit your hand through and should contour nicely to your forearm as you wear the cannon. The split loom is seated in with tension but can be removed if you want to replace it with a clear vinyl hose or something like that. Weathering has been done to make it look used and abused. The labels are custom designed in Photoshop and printed on quality vinyl.

Some photos demonstrating how the arm cannon may look with a uniform.
As these photos were taken in broad daylight I did not turn on the lights.