Futuristic AK-47

This modified AK-47 prop was inspired by the weapon Matt Damon's character uses in the movie "Elysium". I wanted to do my own take on the rangefinder unit mounted on the top of the rifle and discovered a prop AK-47 at the thrift store. The rifle has been modified quite a bit with the magazine receiver enhanced and various cosmetic additions. The rangefinder was all scratch built, including the sight on the top. The knob on the sight turns. The rifle also sports an added laser pointer which has both a laser and flashlight and is operated by two buttons reached from the forward grip and can be used by either left or right hands. The laser runs off of 3 AG13 button cell batteries which can be changed by unscrewing the cap on the back of the pointer. Weathering has been done to make the rifle look like it came from a post-apocalyptic war zone, and then sealed with an acrylic sealer.